95 Poppande Popcorn Recept - ebok

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Den perfekta boken för dig som vill ha mer ut av dina popcorn.

95 poppande recept som tar dig in i en helt ny värld vad gäller dessa små majskorn.

Allt ifrån karamel till curry till jordnötter till ja, nästan vad som helst.

Här är några av våra favoriter:

  • Butterscotch Almond Popcorn Mix

  • Cheddar Bacon Popcorn

  • Chives & Parmesan Popcorn

  • Cinnamon-Apple Popcorn

  • Honey Peanut Popcorn

  • Low Fat Popcorn Cookies

  • Pizza Flavored Popcorn

  • Tennessee Barbecue Popcorn Mix

Alla recepten är på engelska och de flesta måtten är imperiska.  
Lättförstålig konverterings guide följer naturligtvis med.



This book is a celebration of the greatest snack in the world - POPCORN!
We have gathered the best popcorn recipes ever for you to take popcorn to a whole new level.
Surprise the family with a twist on movie night the next time, serve it as dessert after dinner, or why not as a great new way to impress a little bit on your loved ones.

There are approximately 1,600 kernels in a single cup of unpopped popcorn.
Kernels can pop upwards of three feet high!
Americans consume an average of 38 quarts of popcorn each, which is equal
to 17 BILLION quarts of popcorn as a nation.
It’s Healthy for You! – As a low-calorie snack, popcorn only contains 31 calories
per serving and that’s for a whole cup of popcorn. Compare this to the same
serving size of potato chips, which contains 139 calories. Not to mention…
you’ll be saving yourself fingers full of grease. Let me add a disclaimer here
that eating popcorn with seven pumps of movie theater butter does NOT
qualify – you’ve got to stick with it Au Natural
It’s Allergen-Free. Gluten intolerant folks can rejoice knowing that popcorn is
completely free of all major allergens, including gluten, soy, dairy, egg, and
nuts! Freshly-popped kernels, either air-popped or stove-popped with just a
hint of salt, fits the bill here. Our very own popcorn brand o􀄄ers several
flavors that are allergen-free, including Sea Salt & Cracked Pepper & Cinnamon
& Brown Sugar.




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